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There are specific types of learning disabilities: Students with specific learning disabilities may have difficulties acquiring or demonstrating knowledge.For a student who has a learning disability, auditory, visual, or tactile information can become jumbled at any point when it is transmitted, received, processed, or retransmitted.Thank you for your time today and for your interest in finding ways to ensure that all of the students in our programs have equal opportunities to learn, explore interests, and express ideas.Child care providers often work with children who have identified special needs.Trial and error may be required to find a set of appropriate tools and techniques for a specific individual.The person with the disability should help to determine what works and what does not.Audio or video recorded class sessions, audio textbooks, and assignments in advance are also common accommodations for students with learning disabilities.

He or she may have a difficult time understanding the large discrepancy between reading comprehension and verbal skills.

It may take longer for some students who have learning disabilities to process written information, making lengthy reading or writing assignments or tests difficult to complete in a standard amount of time.

Some students who have learning disabilities may find it difficult to process and digest oral instruction and lectures.

Working with children who have special needs can be very rewarding if you understand the child and his special need and make appropriate accommodations to support his learning and development.

The following articles will help child care providers support children with special needs in a group child care setting.

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As a child care provider, it's important to remember that children with special needs are children first.

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