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"The pretty dress, the color of the ribbon, the manner of dressing the hair, are…chosen deliberately because she knows they are pleasing to him," she wrote.Much of it centers not on how to have a happy, balanced relationship, but on how to please a man.For much of history, women were raised primarily to be wives and mothers, and that is reflected in historical dating advice.While his intent was to warn Betsey not to get caught up in the romance of falling in love, but to find a well-suited partner, his words come across as a bit cynical.Washington wrote: "Love is a mighty pretty thing; but like all other delicious things, it is cloying; and when the first transports of the passion begins to subside, which it assuredly will do, and yield — oftentimes too late — to more sober reflections, it serves to evince, that love is too dainty a food to live upon alone…

In it, she told women of the importance of maintaining one's appearance after marriage.These "elegant accomplishments" included a variety of artistic forms including music, dancing, and creating and arranging wax flowers.In The letters, published in 1824, told wives to make sure that their husband's time at home was "pleasant and agreeable." They were told not to "give up or neglect to practise…While arranged marriages had mostly died out (at least in the Western world), courtship was a tricky process.Men and women typically were not allowed to be alone with each other and were chaperoned throughout the courtship process.

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"Not a mere appendage to a cigarette; not a lounge lizard; not a perambulating stock-ticker; not a whited sepulchre of disease and corruption; but a man who is physically strong, mentally alert, morally pure and clean and upright." Today, it's expected that a couple have separate interests and their own group of friends.

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