Alska cario dating elske

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Alska cario dating elske

So, unless your ship gets horribly lost, you won't be able to see Russia.

On the other hand, you'll see a lot of what used to be Russia, since the U. bought Alaska from the Russians in 1867 for .2 million.

In case you're tempted, or simply don't know, here are 12 things we ask that you please not do.

In the wee hours of the morning, under the cover of darkness, they creep.

Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea, and from Cape Prince of Wales on the very tip of the nose (assuming you imagine Alaska's outline is the profile of an old man, like we do).

Whether it's a safety issue (think lighting fires), a privacy issue (no hanky panky on that balcony) or a consideration issue (please don't blare the TV at 2 a.m.), you'll want to curtail certain activities in your cabin -- or the crew may kindly, but sternly, ask that you do so.Alaskan locals all have a story -- and they're more than happy to tell it to you. Well, your ship over there is floating on the sea, so, um, you're at sea level. That said, you won't come across many local residents who were born in Alaska.Turns out, many of these tales are at the expense of tourists, who seem to ask some pretty wacky questions. Even though you've gone "up" from the Lower 48, you're still at sea level. Only about 38 percent of the state's population is native-born Alaskans.Remember this valuable lesson -- it could come in handy during afternoon trivia on your ship.Sarah Palin made this question famous -- and it actually is possible to see Russian territory from remote Little Diomede Island, from St.

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Their flip-flops smack across the pool decks of cruise ships everywhere as they shuffle like a horde of zombies armed with towels, sunscreen and books.

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