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America dating and marriage

There are certain customs that all Muslims are expected to follow, but since Islam is interpreted in many ways across many cultures, it is difficult to make sweeping generalizations.

The vast complexity of Islam is compounded by cultural variations among Muslims.

Muslim men are permitted to choose wives from among fellow believers or from among other “people of the book”: Christians and Jews. In Islam, men are often permitted to marry multiple women.

The warrant for this is to be found in both the Koran and in the personal life of the Prophet.

On reaching agreement, the two families will usually draft a marriage contract that governs the exchange of goods and other property and sometimes even the duration of the marriage itself.

The marriage contract (aqd-nikah) takes many forms, but its most basic purpose is to cement the bond between the bride and groom.

A marriage in Islam must be between opposite-sex partners who are not too closely related to each other.This only applies to the prospective husband’s first marriage.Under Islam, the consent of the bride is required to become a second, third, or fourth wife.Every race and ethnicity counts some Muslims among its number, and mosques have been built around the world where they absorb local marriage customs.Many Muslim scholars take pains to make it clear that local customs often influence the practice of the religion.

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Learning more about the diverse community of Muslims and the way they’re expected to conduct themselves throughout the marriage process is a good way to better understand this modern religion.

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