Andrew vanwyngarden fabiola gatti still dating

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Andrew vanwyngarden fabiola gatti still dating

So even if she was going out with him briefly they must have split up.

they aren’t dating and never dated, nasrin made all that up to get attention, that’s the bottom line.

If they have a child together it would be the most creative and musical person the world has ever seen! It’s obvious that people in that environment they don’t tend to have really longer relationships, and something else if pay some attention you’ll see that all those girls were ‘daiting’ andrew at practiclly the same time, so that makes all this situation even more impossible. The Nasrin thing is true im she met Andrew after the dirty pretty tings gig in dublin last September. And is smart she got accepted to UCD in Dublin but defeared the course due to her having to go to New York in january. I think that in time Andrew will go back to his ex gf Amanda who isnt famous and unlike fabiola and nasrin never went to the papers with a story.

And btw, too intelligent and insightful for any woman to handle? that has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a while. all of you who claim andrew is dating fabiola are really pathetic..because he’s actually dating nasrin for ages.. and I really came to believe that it’s nasrin whothefuck is writing all these comments with fake names to get attention..pathetic.. Hopefully he is not reading all this shit that he gets paranoid. He also said it was her that gave him the confidence to seriously persue his career -so she clearly cared for him deeply.

I have seen an interview from Sep 09 where hes talkin about shootin the scene on the beach -she is standin beside him for time to pretend video and u can actually see a wave of sadnes come across his face.

andrew’s been with fabiola for like a year and i don’t think andrew could be the kind of guy who cheats on his girlfriend.

I recently checked out nasrin leahys my space page and under STATUS she had written single.

I recently checked out nasrin leahys my space page and under STATUS she had written down single.

Why would she say that she wasnt in a relationship if she was.

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Now if he is actually dating fabiola or nasrin its obviously just a bit of fun and not serious and he has to know that and theyre too young for him anyway.

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