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During his time in Konohagakure, Orochimaru distinguished himself as one of the village's most powerful ninja; however, his desire for power led him to obtain a means for immortality by transferring between different host bodies.This desire for a host is one of his driving motivations throughout the series, resulting in his desire to acquire Sasuke Uchiha due to his powerful genetic heritage.Manga, apart from covers, is usually published in black and white but it is common to find introductions to chapters to be in color, and is read from top to bottom and then right to left, similar to the layout of a Japanese plain text.Financially, manga represented in 2005 a market of ¥24 billion in Japan and one of 0 million in the United States.Storylines may include a variety of fictional or historical characters, events, and settings.Anime is aimed at a broad range of audiences and consequently, a given series may have aspects of a range of genres.

School Rumble is a Japanese Shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Jin Kobayashi.

Orochimaru has appeared in media outside the Naruto anime and manga, including several video games.

Popotan is a 2003 Japanese anime series based on the visual novel of the same name produced by the company, Petit Ferret.

In December 2005, a two-part original video animation (OVA) entitled School Rumble: Extra Class was released.

A second season, School Rumble: 2nd Semester, aired between April and September 2006.

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Two light novels written by Hiroko Tokita and illustrated by Jin Kobayashi were published in April 2004 and December 2007; four official guidebooks written and illustrated by Jin Kobayashi have also been released.

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