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You also have the choice of providing your own audio options.

If you would like to provide your attendees with a toll-free option, you can purchase Open Voice Integrated toll-free service with numbers for over 50 countries. Our built-in audio options provide a phone number and meeting ID that can be dialed by all meeting participants.

By not having to use toll-free exclusively, you can save money while still having the option of attracting attendees who do not want to pay for long-distance calling.

If you would like to purchase the toll-free addition with numbers for over 50 countries, or if you have questions about Open Voice Integrated, feel free to call 1 8.

Although each product offers the same powerful online screen-sharing features and ease of use, there are important differences: Go To Meeting: Easily hold unlimited instant online presentations, demonstrations, meetings or brainstorming sessions. Go To Webinar: Hold unlimited online events with up to 1,000 attendees, giving you instant global reach for your marketing and communication messages. Go To Training: Reach up to 200 learners anywhere with none of the costs or travel associated with a physical classroom.

Go To Training comes complete with content library, tests and even payment processing. Our products are built to help you make connections with people regardless of the distance between you – in the simplest manner possible.· Easier to use: Simple and intuitive design makes it possible for you to hold online meetings, webinars and training without expensive consultants.

HDFaces automatically adjusts to the available bandwidth and hardware resources of each participant to provide the best-possible user experience, and video layout can be adapted to virtually any PC or Mac monitor and projection configuration. No, but you can purchase a Go To Webinar monthly plan and deactivate your plan after the first month.

This gives you time to practice with your colleagues and generate registration reports to get to know your attendees in advance.

Once you have purchased, you can change your plan between monthly or annual payments or switch from one product to another at any time by logging in to your account, clicking My Account in the left navigation bar, then Plan Selection.

It's also easy for first-time attendees to join.· Flat-fee pricing: Unlimited use of web conferencing, phone/Vo IP conferencing and HD video conferencing make these the most cost-effective solutions available.· Professional security and reliability: True end-to-end encryption and password-protected registration capability for webinars and training sessions.· Faster deployment: The quickest solutions to deploy and manage.· Increased productivity: Because of the convenience and ease-of-use, more people in your organization will use these tools more frequently, resulting in increased productivity, decreased costs and more revenue opportunities.

You sure can – as long as your Mac meets the system requirement below:· Safari 3.0, Firefox 4.0, Google Chrome 5.0 (Java Script enabled) or the latest version of each web browser· Mac OS X 10.6 – Snow Leopard or newer· Intel processor (1GB of RAM or better recommended)· Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection Go To Meeting account holders can use the free app to start an instant or already-scheduled meeting from an i Phone, i Pad, Android device or Windows mobile device and present content from an i Pad.

You and your attendees can also talk free of charge by choosing the Mic and Speakers Vo IP option.

It enables meeting participants to transmit and receive audio over the Internet at no cost to them using a microphone and speakers connected to their computers. For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions about Using Audio below. With Open Voice Integrated toll-free service, you can add a toll-free phone line to the built-in Vo IP and toll-based options.

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Simply click the link in your invitation email or open the app and enter the session ID.

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