Approaches to consolidating local government services

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Approaches to consolidating local government services

One group focuses on understanding individual business units and processes; the other concentrates on needs that cross the entire enterprise.Whichever path they choose, the movement toward consolidation is helping many state and local governments tighten their IT operations and achieve significant savings.The person assigned to that function knew a lot about electrical operations but needed help from people who understand Internet protocol.When Technology Services creates a new application for a business group, the analysts help ensure that everyone understands and agrees on the requirements. While dedicating themselves to specific organizations, those ITS employees also can spot opportunities for agencies with similar needs to work together, said Miller.But the IT Department takes charge of software decisions with citywide ramifications, such as the need to replace Windows XP and Windows servers when Microsoft stopped supporting those operating systems.One CIO from each group acts as line of business lead, and those five leads serve on a technology board.

New York also is merging its technology infrastructure, like email and voice over IP systems. Riverside County has been working for several years on a consolidation plan that, among other things, called for moving IT operations from most departments into a central organization and merging many data centers into one facility.That effort will turn RCIT into a fully integrated organization.That tool will help Riverside County identify its IT priorities and then focus all its resources on the top To make sure the central organization delivers what its customers need, Denver Technology Services created two cadres of business analysts.In addition, agencies use the forum to share ideas on software tools that might benefit all agencies.In recent years, those strategic directives have involved a greater move toward the center.

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