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He's a product of a fucked up religion so I don't see him coming out. Derek decided to go with the heartthrob image (for the potential mainstream TV or movie career).THAT's why he would lose his mostly female fanbase. " Because, gay or not, he didn't want to be photographed in a gay bar. Which means he is willing to either lie about who he is (FAME WHORE) or deflect more rumors about being gay so the MONEY TRAIN keeps coming in. If this was just about a rude photographer getting rightfully rebuffed, that is one thing. But this guy sounds like he is trying to do some "image control" that, by fiat, is insulting to gay people in my opinion.He even generously gave the TV Guy the money for the payoff. I believe it could be Brian Fortuna, who lives in Los Angeles now - at Blind, one of the commenters said he figured out it was Brian by the clue "dominoes" but I'm not sure I get that.It could also be Apolo Ohno, who was helped by Derek on a dance with Julianne, even before Derek was a regular dancer on the show.What is rude is walking up to a total stranger and asking them for this and that, thinking they owe you something. And personally, I don't think he's that attractive so I couldn't care less either way.He's probably like that other Mormon dancer, Benji Schwimmer.

According to a story in this week’s Enquirer, Derek threw a little diva fit when some dude tried to take a photo of him at a Salt Lake City gay bar:"Sexy pro dancer Derek Hough donned some shiny silver pants and shook his fanny at a popular Salt Lake City gay club — but then freaked out when a fan tried to take his picture!

You stay in Colton's closet until he is ready for you to shine again.

Come on, it's so bad...remember the golden shower curtain is in there with you. Derek and Colton can take turns sharing both of you...sounds pretty hot, right?

There was some blind item the other day about a big gay celebrity bearding with someone whose brother was also gay though not as famous. That's what's hilarious and sad sometimes about people and celebrities.

Some money changed hands but I can't recall any details. Derek Hough could visit children's hospitals every day but if a fan is rebuffed in a 20 second encounter he is instantly labeled an asshole.

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So he got hold of some very compromising photos of the TV Guy with his Boyfriend (who has also appeared on the same show), and told TV Guy that he was going to send them to the tabloids. He turned to a good pal of his, Rich Guy, for advice and help. He knows that if one of these fake relationships was disclosed, they could all come tumbling down like dominoes.