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Copy the BDArmory folder from the zip file's Game Data folder into your Game Data folder. v0.11.0.1 = Fixes = - Fix error spam when no weapon is selected v0.11.0 = Compatibility = - General compatibility for KSP 1.1 - Loading shaders with asset bundle loader = Fixes = - Fix incorrect tracer width in far camera with Scatterer - Fix short bursts when firing in barrage with trigger armed - Fix barrage on multi-barrel weapons - Fix particle emission force being ovewritten in explosions - Fix possible error on airborne guard with no AI pilot Full information on the forum post.

Update: We wrote this post on May 3 and after we got this ready to post on May 4 (this morning), we got an email at 7pm May 3 from Springfield Armory.

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The newest update contains many new features and systems, so you will likely find issues with the new stuff, or find that things that used to work no longer work. (Source on Git Hub) Do you enjoy this mod and would like to support the developer?

This is all the stuff they broke during that 16 hours of incompetence on tuesday.

Hello, Armory is not updating my character, Gehn, for more than a day for me now.

- AI improvements: for air-ground missiles, prevent firing full complement at once (respect max Missiles Target).

- AI improvements: prevent gps guided missiles being used on air targets/incoming missiles. Git Issue #39 - Fix missing weapon icon in staging part list.

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So this automated response is not really an answer to what people are wondering.

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