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Although he was intended to be a guard dog, Danes are much more apt to nap on your couch. Originally used as an avalanche rescue dog, the Saint Bernard needed a calm, peaceful temperament in order to able to assist the victims he found.

Weighing roughly 140-264lbs., this giant breed has kept his gentle temperament even without the need to work.

I realize Borzoi are not inclined to bark much but the average person will not know enough about them to understand their docile nature.

I have no interest in owning an aggressive dog or even a guard dog but I am more skittish by nature so having a large dog makes me feel better/safer.

Giant dog breeds can look very intimidating, but most are surprised to find out these dogs are just gentle giants wanting to snuggle. Your best friend might be too big to carry around, but will help keep your couch warm during your Netflix binges!

One of the tallest dog breeds in existence, the Great Dane was originally considered the German Mastiff.

Now is not the time for a puppy but within the next few years I will be in a better lifestyle to get a puppy (currently living with a family dog though).

Weighing in around 120-170lbs., the Leonberger makes a great family companion given he has enough mental and physical exercise.

That said, they’re a relatively lazy breed that would much rather nap inside.

Let’s face it, not all pups have a warm and fluffy personality.

Unless you live in a really bad area, which I imagine isn’t the case because the dogs you are interested in aren’t cheap or even common, I wouldn’t worry about having your dog play the protection role.

Yes, generally people that are “looking for trouble” will be deterred by you having a dog by your side.

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Originally bred to hunt wolves, he’s now a suitable family companion for someone looking for a giant breed with a sweet disposition.

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