Canadian adult chatlines

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Canadian adult chatlines

Eventually all of North America will be on the 10-digit system. 310-7890) will still exist under the 10-digit system.

These are generally for businesses or government services. The cost of local phone calls in Canada from traditional land-line phones (not from mobile/cell phones) is included in the monthly fee for the phone line - there are no additional charges per minute.

Long-distance calls within the North American Country code "1" (Canada, USA, many Carribean countries, but NOT Mexico) are dialed the same way as 10-digit local calls, except that the area code is preceded by a 1.

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In some provinces, local calls can still be dialed using the seven-digit system.

In most places, however, local calls must be dialed using 10 digits: the three-digit area code, followed by the seven digit phone number.

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When a customer places a call, a message must clearly specify the charges and when they will begin.

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