Chat to iphone grannys

Posted by / 06-Jan-2020 11:06

This scary game may be too scary for kids under 10.

It is a game about a person who has a grandmother that would not let her out of her grandmother's house.

I do not recommend this game for kids that are easily scared. Blood splatters/ pools of blood, cryptic quotes, and jump scares.

In my opinion, it is a great mobile horror based game.

It is not bloody enough for it to be rated T for Teen by ESRB and Pegi-12 (12 ) by Pegi.It was originally released on November 24th, 2017 for Android devices.An i OS version came later that year on December 11th, 2017.They will come across her third big pet, the Crow kept in a secret room connected to the Meat Room and the Cellar Swamp.Will the player be able to escape their prison in the five days Granny has so generously granted them, or will they succumb to her never ending chase and face their doom in the walls of the house?

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In the PC version, Granny has sold more than 5.000 units since your release.