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But they will turn away from a loving kind healthier version; there is nothing to fear there.These are the parents of whom the child is most afraid to lose; not the parent with whom they can feel consistently safe and loved.When the angry parent says/does things to turn the child away from the parent things become complicated.The child, due to loyalty to both parents and typically fear of the angry parent, allies with them and starts to believe what they are saying about the other parent, who is typically not only the good parent but perhaps the only good parent during this process.While on the outside it appears to have given them power, in essence, it weakens them by not allowing them access to their true selves.

In fact, parental alienation is not for family court, although that is how it is handled; instead, it is child abuse.Manipulation of a child’s mind and attachment bonds in a negative way is abusive.It weakens the bond between mother and child and impedes upon the development of the self of the child.Pathogenic parenting is such that the parent’s approach is so aberrant that it creates in the child psychopathology, that can be transient, or, if not intervened, chronic and longstanding and develop into a personality disorder as well.It has been clearly documented that parental alienation occurs in families in which one (sometimes both) parents have a personality disorder, typically that of the borderline and/or narcissistic types.

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In this way, the manner in which you were parented becomes an integral part of how you will navigate love in adulthood," La Pointe explains.

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