Chinese engineering student dating alex bayliss dating

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Chinese engineering student dating

My American social skills were honed by hanging out with English speakers and interning in various international organizations back in China.

Being admitted to Columbia also proves my English proficiency in some way.

"As you step into your 20s, you get mature and think more about the future," said Li Yichen, a graduate student at Columbia University.There were 300,000 students from China studying in the US in the 2013/14 school year, but the population pool still seems too small for romance."The Chinese circle in the US is actually very small," said Chu Rui, a graduate student at Penn.I thought my international experience in China would help me fit into the new environment; however, I have encountered lots of frustrations since I came here.Everyone in New York City speaks so fast and their accents make English sound like a different language to me.

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"I want to go further, to marriage." The 6-foot-tall, gym-going gent doesn't lack female friends, and he has seen girls of his type. "When I think of the future prospects with her or life goals of two individuals," he said, "we might not really fit." Lu Huiquan in New York contributed to this story.

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