Christian mcgrath dating

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Christian mcgrath dating

Fifty years after his death, the words of Lewis continue to inspire many, and Mc Grath’s biography may help to unravel some of the mystery behind his eccentric mind. I was one of those newly converted American evangelicals who hungrily devoured Lewis’s works in the late 1960s and early ’70s. Mc Grath clearly explains why so many believers and Christian leaders today can say the same thing. Alister Mc Grath’s new biography makes use of archives and other material that clarify, deepen, and further explain the many sides of one of Christianity’s most remarkable apologists. Alister Mc Grath has written a meticulously researched, insightful, fair-minded, and honest account of a fascinating man’s life.Many of us thought we knew most of what there was to know about C. His book is especially distinctive in its placing of Lewis in his vocational and social contexts, but it also provides a compelling account of the development of Lewis’s Christian mind. Lewis—A Life, Alister Mc Grath, prolific author and respected professor at King’s College of London, paints a definitive portrait of the life of C. He paints a portrait of an eccentric thinker who became an inspiring, though reluctant, prophet for our times. He points out that under its clothing of reasoned argument, Lewis’ theology is always founded on a profoundly aesthetic effort: to draw us a picture of the Christian universe and our place in it that moves, attracts and persuades us, so that we say: yes, this is what life is really like, and how much more real it is than we ever imagined. Mc Grath offers a new and at times shocking look into the complicated life of this complex figure, in a deeply researched biography. After thoroughly examining recently published Lewis correspondence, Alister challenges some of the previously held beliefs about the exact timing of Lewis’s shift from atheism to theism and then to Christianity. One comes away with a renewed sympathy for a provocative, perceptive, contrarian and somewhat tormented soul Mc Grath is not intimidated by Lewis nor overly reverential of him; but he shows him a professional respect that ought to silence those who dismiss Lewis as a theological amateur. To the question of whether the world really needs another biography of C. Lewis, Mc Grath’s lucid and unsentimental portrait of the Christian champion responds with a resounding “yes.” The year 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death, and times have changed and evangelical sentiments have matured.Mc Grath is noted for his work in historical theology, systematic theology, and the relationship between science and religion, as well as his writings on apologetics.Mc Grath was born on 23 January 1953 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and grew up in Downpatrick, County Down, where he attended Down High School.Mc Grath’s book will gain a permanent position in Lewis scholarship for his brilliant and, to my mind, undeniable re-dating of Lewis’s conversion to Theism.

He was ordained priest at Southwell Minster in September 1981.This will be an indispensable resource for fans and scholars of Lewis.A welcome addition to the biographical literature on C. Lewis, which includes several valuable new perspectives.In September 1966 he became a pupil at the Methodist College Belfast, where his studies focused on mathematics, physics and chemistry.He went up to Wadham College, Oxford, in 1971 and gained first-class honours in chemistry in 1975. Cephalosporin Research Studentship at Linacre College, Oxford, for the academic year 1975–1976, and to a Domus Senior Scholarship at Merton College, Oxford, for the period 1976–1978.

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He was awarded the Oxford degree of DD in 2001 for his research in historical and systematic theology, On 1 September 2008 Mc Grath took up the Chair of Theology, Ministry and Education in the Department of Education and Professional Studies at King's College London.

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