College dating high school

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College dating high school

A friend’s daughter said that, because she had a boyfriend at another school, she “focused on homework and was able to set my own schedule with a lot of freedom because I didn’t have to be home from the library at a certain time to see him and spend time with him after.”Before my middle son left for college, I cautiously brought up the subject of whether he and his high school girlfriend would continue to date, knowing well that I was about to enter shark-infested waters.

On the flip side, she said having a long-distance relationship was tough because, “socially, when I was out sometimes I was intimidated to talk to people because once they found out I had a boyfriend, girls didn’t think I was fun to hang out with and guys no longer had an interest in talking to me.” I have heard from several college students that it’s (understandably) difficult to be surrounded by people at parties and other social functions and be unable to date.

Imagine this: a young, well-dressed man rings the doorbell.

As time goes on, and students become more enmeshed in their new lives, maintaining former relationships can become increasingly challenging.

On the contrary, his girlfriend was one of the nicest people I had ever met and I was proud that my son had chosen someone so wonderful.

I just knew that, with him going to school in Boston and her in North Carolina, what lay ahead would not be easy and, as a mom, I wanted to spare him some of the inevitable hurt.

However, once back on campus, with busy schedules which included Greek life for both of them as well as many other activities, it became harder to sustain their bond.

They broke up Thanksgiving of sophomore year, which was emotionally tough for both of them.

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