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Consolidating local governments

"However, the savings could much be higher than we estimate if local government consolidation creates a better than average improvement in efficiency.In the end, merging these overlapping agencies would provide taxpayers with improved services at a much lower cost." The study's findings focus on recommendations from the 2007 Kernan-Shepard Report by former Gov. Many of the report's suggestions have been included in legislation being considered during the current session of the Indiana General Assembly."Dissatisfaction with local government in Indiana has been brewing for decades," said Dagney Faulk, CBER's director of research, who co-authored the study with Hicks."Residents perceive government spending to be out of line and consolidation is one way to address this.January 26, 2009 Consolidating local government agencies at the county level could reduce costs by an expected 2 million annually, says a new study by Ball State University."Local Government Reform in Indiana" finds that consolidating local governments as recommended in the Kernan-Shepard report would improve efficiency of various fire, police, sewerage and other services as well as reduce operational and administrative costs, said Michael Hicks, director of the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER).State government could create a consolidation transition fund that would authorize grants or the ability to increase a local tax to be used for economic development and transition purposes.Another option is to reduce or remove state support for certain local government functions after a transition period.

Communities considering consolidation may be eligible for a Local Government Efficiency grant to assist with studying the feasibility of consolidation or to assist with the consolidation itself.

The study found that local government is less efficient in counties with an abundance of taxing authorities.

"The current structure of local government in Indiana is commonly viewed as resulting in unclear lines of authority, which limit accountability, decrease efficiency and increase the cost of government," Faulk said.

A majority of those savings would be realized by a reduction in district staff.

Not only do taxpayers fund the principals, administrators, teachers and buildings at the school level, but they also pay for an additional – and often duplicative – layer of administration at the school district level.

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Illinois has the most units of local government of any state in the country.

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