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Consolidating school distrcts

The problem is neither will occur because there are too many personalities in East Contra Costa County to allow for progress.If you look at the six communities the District serves, all have different ideas, personalities, opinions, and motivations going forward.To make matters worse, in a shot-gun style wedding, it was done under an old model of consolidation which never merged districts by regionalization—meaning Antioch and Pittsburg should have been included.Twelve years later, money and communication problems are quickly pushing the District towards a divorce with East County.These personalities, neither right or wrong, do not even include the firefighters/Local 1230 needs, city leader needs, or the Board of Supervisors requirements.As you can see, it’s not a district wide approach because the public is not educated about the District; instead it’s an individual community approach which will always prevent success and ensure failure because there is no give-and-take.I also would like to add that the firefighters have worked their butts off to ensure the public has felt as little pain as possible.

One example provided to me just last night was the idea of trying to combine the Knightsen-Bethel Island culture with that of Brentwood and Oakley being counterproductive—trying to find a solution works for one but not the other and nothing would ever pass a vote of the public because what is acceptable to one community is not acceptable to another.

It all begins with communication and when I hear that local leaders were never made aware of or were personally invited to outreach meetings by fire district—that is troubling.

Another way to look at that is if local leaders are not aware how is the public to know?

Like a bad marriage, if you ignore the problem for so long it’s difficult to fix.

Rumors start to re-create history while false information becomes truths in the minds of people—example of this is salary and pensions are to blame for financial problem when the reality its Prop 13 and the allocation of those funds and the housing market crash.

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The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District is like a bad marriage which it can’t seem to fix or find a common ground with the communities it serves to improve the overall atmosphere.