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Around 1 BBY, members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic hijacked Crawler 413-24 in an attempt to use its long-range communications equipment to contact Alliance High Command.The Galactic Empire was blocking all non-Imperial transmissions from the planet Lothal, which was under a severe lockdown.The Spectres had returned to Lothal to gather intelligence on the new TIE/D Defender Elite, eventually stealing the prototype's flight data recorder.Hera Syndulla and Chopper had successfully returned the device to Rebel Command.

While attempting to flee, Vizago couldn't resist trying to take along one uninflated pig, and was trapped when he caused it to inflate.Due to the sudden arrival of Thrawn and Governor Arihnda Pryce to watch a planned test flight, Sabine and Ezra wound up stealing the fighter.After it crashed when its kill switch was activated, Ezra and Sabine fled into the wilderness with the flight recorder, hiding the ship's hyperdrive nearby, intending to install it on Ryder's UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft, the only ship the Lothal Rebels had.Having seen the threat of the TIE Defender firsthand, the ex-Senator could not ignore it.The Spectres volunteered for the mission, but Mothma warned them that the Alliance could not send any more forces.

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Mon Mothma, however, was cautious, not wishing to commit large numbers of Alliance forces so soon after Atollon.