Craigslist safe dating verification Dirty sex chat for teens

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Craigslist safe dating verification

So now I'm willing to try this again, but I need to make sure you're safe and real before we do anything together.

If you're still interested, send a reply and we'll get this going. If you prove you're safe to me then I'm happy with doing anything for you as long as it's fun for us. I'd like to give you a little head and then move onto something more, so you will need to be able to last :) So yea email me and let's have some fun. Jen As usual, the sign-up form does not sign you up for Verify or Safest, since those are not actual dating sites.

[email protected] is a sample message you get from her: Heyy Hun, I'm glad you replied to my ad on CL :) Let me be honest with you...

I just recently moved here and I'm looking for friends with benefits, but I'm also open to long term "relationships".

If we make it more than that one day, than great, but I just want to have a good time together ;).

During the process of setting up Google Phone, you’d be provided with a six-digit code.

Obviously, it's a scam and I clicked nothing nor will I respond. To "sell" my valid email address or something if I were to email them the code?

I don't get it.*Edit Forgot the photo They are trying to get you to send them the code so they can associate their craigslist account with your phone.

This way, you will be blamed for the illegal activity that craigslist account will be associated with. (2/15/2018) I was receiving text msg from (770)767-0986 (Maybe a fake number also!

Needless to say, do NOT send them that code, and stop talking to them immediately. Came here, changed my passwords and blocked their number. ) But that is weird that someone ask to "verify" your account before buying something you posted on craigslist, so i hopefully refused! If you know of or encounter a scam, this is the place to let people know about it.

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First and foremost, the targeted users are people who have somehow disclosed their personal phone number.