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That’s good news to those site visitors who don’t like to deal with faulty websites (hint: that’s all of them).Finally, PHP 7 has seen improvements in terms of security that make applications built with it harder to hack (if that ever does happen, learn how to recover from a hacked Word Press site).Security support will only be provided until the end of 2018. However, how do you figure out which PHP version your site is currently running on? If you want to know which version of PHP currently powers your Word Press site, you have several ways to find out. The latter is an important file that allows you to make changes to server functionality.Of course, in the Word Press ecosphere, you also have plugins that can do the same for you. Pretty much all you have to do is install the plugin and activate it.Your visitors can have the fastest computer in the world, however, if your server is low on resources, that’s not gonna make much of a difference. Because PHP is so important to Word Press, it’s also a central part of site performance.After all, PHP is basically the middle man pulls the correct data from your database, wraps it in HTML and CSS and then delivers it as a finished site to the visitor’s browser. For that reason, the programming language is constantly being improved upon.One of the main improvements PHP 7 offers to Word Press users is increased speed.Benchmarks show the new version to be up to twice as fast as its predecessor.

If it turns out that your server is already running the latest version, there’s nothing to do but smile happily and move on with your day (or maybe send your provider’s sysadmins a box of chocolates).It has seen quite a bunch of versions throughout the years.To run Word Press, your server needs at least PHP 5.2.4.However, by now the official recommendation is that you run PHP 7 or higher (the current version is PHP 7.1).That’s because, just like Word Press, new versions of PHP bring a lot of improvements with them.

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In addition to the above, the lifetime of older PHP versions is running out.

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