Dating a nation of islam man

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Dating a nation of islam man

But the Nation’s vituperative language and its advocacy of self-defense in place of nonviolence alienated it from mainstream civil rights groups.By 1959, Martin Luther King was warning of “a hate group arising in our midst that would preach the doctrine of black supremacy.” Nevertheless, the mid-1960s saw a second membership surge at NOI as a new and more militant generation of black leaders began focusing on the residual racial problems of the North.Appointed to the prestigious leadership of Harlem’s Temple No.7 in New York City just two years after his 1952 release from prison, Malcolm X was wildly popular, and his years as a prominent member of NOI (1952-64) saw membership skyrocket.Ascending rapidly through the ranks, he had proved to be a superb speaker and organizer, managing to win over the congregation left behind by his charismatic predecessor.

Ford, Wallei Ford and Wallace Farad) and his “messenger” and successor Elijah Muhammad preached a hybrid creed with its own myths and doctrines.The Nation of Islam teaches that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited.This is point 10 of the official platform, “What the Muslims Want,” published in 1965.As the head of the new NOI, Farrakhan successfully rebuilt an empire regardless of Wallace Deen Muhammad’s view of Farad.Aside from continuing NOI’s earlier educational and training programs, the reconstituted Nation embarked on economic self-sufficiency programs, creating bakeries, restaurants, fish markets and even a line of hair and skin care products.

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Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles Police Department had him listed under Wallace Farad and Wallie D. After determining that all individuals shared the same fingerprint, the FBI found that “in all cases he is listed as Caucasian.” From the start, NOI was tightly organized, a fact most clearly seen in its creation of the elite “Fruit of Islam,” a group envisioned by Fard as a paramilitary wing to defend NOI against police attacks.

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