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THING ONE: The newest collection on display features mostly antique cigar box guitars and other historic DIY instruments, including a biscuit flour tin banjo from the 1890's.

This is a big change from the original museum display which featured mostly newer instruments made from builders around the world.

THING TWO: The center wall of the museum showcases historic cigar box instruments displayed in old time looking cases.

Greg actually got to see the guitar hanging on the wall during the first night of the new display.Thinking outside the box If you pick up a box of premium cigars and turn it over you’ll usually find a stamp of some kind.It could be an imprinted or branded stamp citing nothing more than the manufacturer’s name and country of origin.Optional information could be anything from a company guarantee or slogan, advertising, copyright and registration dates, the type and/or source of tobacco, pictures; even hype, whether it was true or not.Identifying cigars by their boxes today When it comes to box designs, today, just about anything goes. P.) for The dates are not in code and the year is simple enough.

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After that, the Cuban stamps were changed to Spanish like, “Hecho en Cuba.” It wasn’t until 1985 that Cuban cigars were given specific box codes.

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