Dating dresden china

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Dating dresden china

The factory did not produce real art porcelain but was more focussed on table wares.Founded in 1770 by Joseph François Boussomaert Used from: 1770 – 1790 The Arras porcelain factory was founded in 1770 by Joseph François Boussomaert under the protection of M. However, the Arras factory only produced soft paste porcelain which was painted in the style of the Tournai and Chantilly factories.It was also added to pieces produced for the court of his son, August III, who succeeded him in 1733.

The list below details the best of these and includes English and European makers marks.

In 1799 the factory was bought by John Rose, the owner of the Coalport factory.

Rose transferred production and used factory as a warehouse. Founded in 1859 – By: Joseph Schachtel Used From: ca.

Read on for a selection of the imitators, including the almost perfect and very popular imitator, Helena Wolfsohn.

Founded in 1755 – By: Gallimore – Thomas Turner Used From: 1772-1799 Thomas Turner, a porcelain-painter from Worcester married the daughter of Gallimore and introduced soft-paste porcelain to the production around 1772.

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Not all blue crossed swords marks are genuine Meissen marks.

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