Dating ethiopian jew

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Dating ethiopian jew

But that pattern was broken in the spring of 2015, when footage of Tel Aviv-area police officers beating an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian origin went viral.

Poring over the past correspondence of the Israeli government and para-statal groups like the Jewish Agency, Tannenbaum-Domanovitz revealed that for decades, Israeli leaders not only didn't help Ethiopian Jews to immigrate, but in fact actively hindered them - for plainly racist reasons.

At first, Israeli authorities refused to accept the possibility that Ethiopians, dark-skinned sub-Saharan Africans, could be Jews.

When they discovered that the Ethiopian version of the Jewish religion was closer to the praxis of ancient Israelites than their European or Middle Eastern counterparts, officials began to claim that Ethiopian Jews stood little chance of successfully integrating into Israeli society, on account of their "primitive" agricultural lifestyles.

Last July, Israeli national television Channel 1 finally broke their silence on a story that this journalist had reported a year earlier – one that Ethiopian activists had been trying to call attention to for years.

The 15-minute expose asked the question: Why did Israel only began to bring black folks to the country in 1984, when the state had already been in existence since 1948?

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But it has also manifested as pressure put on Ethiopian Jewish women to be injected with Depo Provera, a long-acting birth-control drug, sometimes as a condition for being allowed to immigrate to Israel.