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Dating finnish site

The Diocese of Helsinki has the most members, over 28,000.The Diocese of Helsinki is the seat of The Archbishop.The diocese is divided into eight parishes, with 50 priests.The main church of the diocese is the Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki. The small Diocese of Oulu has only five parishes, the largest of which is Oulu.The members of the parish have the right to refrain from being elected to a position of trust of the parish only if they are over 60 years of age, or have served at least eight years in a position of trust.

In contrast, similar legal oversight of private religious communities is pursued by the district courts.

The special status of the Orthodox church is most visible in the administrative processes.

The church is required to conform with the general administrative law and the decisions of its bodies may be appealed against in the regional administrative courts.

Financially, the church is independent of the state budget.

The parishes are financed by the taxes paid by their members.

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