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I can use this gift as a way to better serve God and to share the word of the gospel with others while trusting in his perfect timing.I know that God will provide me with “the one” when the time is right…(e.g.- when I am ready for marriage).My most recent relationship wasn’t as perfect as I was convinced it was.Harris wrote, “The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing”.Even if ending a relationship is what you wish to do, there will be an empty feeling inside.

I should have worked harder to fight off temptations and negative, defective environments.Marriage is supposed to help us to give the best parts of ourselves to the best possible mate.If we give it all away through defective dating for someone who is not “the one” then what will we have left to give in the future in marriage?For those who thought that they had been touched by the same star, it can be devastating enough to seek professional help, which may be a solution.Here are some quotes and some thoughts on a relationship's end.

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While it is difficult to see the positive side of a break-up, in fact, researcher Gary W.

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