Dating guy shy tip advice for women and dating

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Dating guy shy tip

Confidence looks good on people it may sometimes come off as cockiness but that is better than wussy or scared.

So get a nice jacket, one with lots of button, zippers, and what not.But if you want to get noticed then you should definitely answer the question and if you don’t know the answer then you can display a little sense of humor, either one will make you visible in the class.One of the simple way to own yourself is to stand up straight rather than slouching as everyone nowadays slouch so even as simple as standing up straight will make you more noticeable.And if you don’t choose the environment you feel comfortable in then women will notice that discomfort and you will come off as scared or nervous.A great way to control the surrounding and to get noticed are high fives and glass clinking and stuff like that which shows that you are a fun loving guy who knows everyone and that always project confidence.

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Owning yourself is another way of standing out of the crowd and make a girl to notice you.

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