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Register now for free Meet lusty girls for sexual affairs right now!Join us and create your own profile for adult dating in a few clicks!And no, I’m not living in or even from Koshkonong, Missouri.) With a 2,510-person waitlist before launch, it’s no surprise response time is slow.Just don’t expect an invitation, even if you pay the 0 membership fee that allows you to skip the line.

In fact, Bradford’s post is titled “I’m Not An Elitist, I’m Just An Alpha Female.” To ensure this, users are required to provide their Facebook and Linked In details.

Oftentimes, photos aren’t high-resolution enough or have things like sunglasses in them.

Others, career and education don’t fit in to the community and its standards, which “promotes higher education, encourages career-ambition, and, most importantly, cultivates the desire for an egalitarian relationship in both sexes,” CEO Amanda Bradford wrote in a Linked In post defending the app.

And, in a move that can’t be ignored, Gawker author Sam Biddle penned a piece entitled “Dating App CEO: I’m Not an Elitist, Just an Asshole,” in which he criticized one of the app’s marketing schemes involving a photo of a Depression-era breadline that spoke to the idea of having a high quality waitlist before touching on CEO Bradford’s choice to be “elitist.” It’s a problem that Bradford tackled directly via Linked In, saying that once she received her MBA (after she attended Carnegie Mellon to study computer science on a scholarship), her ranks in both education and career took a toll on her dating life.

“It became clear that I had effectively qualified out a large pool of men that were simply not interested in dating an alpha female,” she wrote, touching on the way comparisons to s Patti Stranger made her “blood boil.” In building The League, she says, she’s built a way to connect people that will make up power couples to “serve as the role models that our society sorely lacks today.” For each review praising it as the “best dating app out there,” there’s one that calls it a “virtual scam,” or claims the algorithm “makes it impossible for you to communicate” with an already shallow pool of matches on which users hesitate to swipe left for fear of lowering their own popularity score.

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The team behind The League, which promises quality matches without fakes, games or ghosts, doesn’t see it as exclusive or elitist.