Dating link in solomon islands

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Dating link in solomon islands

Most of the activities on the Solomons consist of the outdoor adventure kind-snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, hiking, trekking, kayaking, and more.

Lake Te'Nggano, designated a World Heritage Site, is the South Pacific's largest expanse of freshwater and acts as a habitat for abundant bird and marine life.While each island has its own unique feel, there are a few identifying factors of the Solomons that remain the same throughout-abundant reefs, thick jungles and waterfalls, thriving marine life, and vibrant cultural villages.Some of the best attractions include: Waterfalls: Mataniko Falls is a popular destination to hike to from Honiara.An archipelago nation in the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands are not a haven of resorts and pristine beaches, but a paradise for the eco-tourist with opportunities to explore island volcanoes, kayak through vast lagoons, trek deep into green forests, and snorkel amongst untouched reefs.There are many things to see and do for the outdoor adventurer with a smattering of traditional guesthouses and comfortable hideaways to spend the nights.

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Santa Isabel was where European contact was first made with the islands, while the Santa Cruz Islands lie remotely in the southeast, closer to Vanuatu than to anywhere else in the Solomons.