Dating post op personals

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Dating post op personals

Surgery may well be something that changes you so fundamentally that your confidence etc is what then attracts the right sort of guy. I Feel like getting something done as serious as SRS for the same of other people when you are not 100% sure about it is certainly a wrong decision.

I'm currently preop/non op, but I acknowledge the fact that maybe one day I might reconsider getting SRS because I want it for myself and not because my dating life is failing or whatever it is that is influenced by other people.

I was with one partner, a person on the genderqueer ftm spectrum, from shortly after I started transition to after I was a year post-op.

With my boyfriend, he was hesitant at the start and for about a year didn't feel comfortable giving me oral sex or touching me there (I had no problems using my penis and had no genital disphoria).

Maybe that's why I go for unavailable guys because?

I guess I'm sad I've never been able to find a bf and I kind of blame my penis. I've been dating my boyfriend for about 3 and a half years (we are 99% going to marry next December 2016 : D), and I had surgery in January 2015.

Am married to a guy, and have a very active sex life outside of that marriage (with his consent).

I feel compelled to reinforce you in that your choice of surgery should be something you want to do for you, not because you hope it will make you more acceptable to others.

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