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IMPORTANT: For pilots who will do many flights during event, only 2 of them with highest marks will be counted in drawing.

Member: Integration Objects Product website: Integration Objects’ OPC UA Server Simulator is a free to use and distribute OPC Unified Architecture server utility.

It is Lviv’s geographical positioning at the intersection of global cultures and civilizations which has greatly influenced its inimitable atmosphere. Most of the city’s population is comprised of ethnic Ukrainians, however you will see other nationalities represented in its midst: Poles, Jews, Greeks, Germans, Armenians, Russians, to name a few.

Lviv is a large regional center, occupying the area of 155 sq.

A diamond in Europe’s crown, Lviv is a unique city in which history, culture and the fusion of two worlds – the East and the West – are magnanimously merged.

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The summer program was the best decision I could have made to improve my Ukrainian.

even orthodox acquaintances, not to mention the others. But what's the hurry, in such an important matter ??? - Post your private messages: the site is no "wall".

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