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Datingok org inbox

Without being able to consult the program, it is unclear precisely which talk these videos are intended for, or what the overall theme is, but based on the numbering of the videos (compared with the numbering from previous years) I would guess that they are due to be shown on the Friday afternoon.(The videos are numbered 44 to 49, and in the 2017 convention video similar numbers were allotted to the Friday symposium featuring the 1975 denial video.) I have taken the liberty of making a 28-minute You Tube rebuttal to three of the six videos, which you can see here…Whether you are looking for new friends or that someone special Older Dating Online can help you find your perfect partner online.In recent years, videos have become integral to the way Jehovah’s Witnesses receive information from their leaders the Governing Body, or “faithful slave.” Nowhere is the explosion in the use of visual media more apparent than at Watchtower’s annual regional conventions, at which Witnesses now receive a barrage of well over 50 highly-polished, meticulously produced videos over three days.

Among the more disturbing content was a trilogy of videos reminding JW parents of the need to shun their disfellowshipped children, and even a drama depicting a group of Witnesses huddled in a basement during the Great Tribulation, awaiting persecution by authorities under Satan’s control. ” convention was not quite as relentless in its stomach-churning awfulness, but still managed to include material attacking homosexuality, denying Watchtower’s false predictions related to 1975, and even suggesting that children have a role to play in preventing their own molestation.

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Above all, we want to honor Jehovah, the God of the Bible and the Creator of all things.

We do our best to imitate Christ and are proud to be called Christians.

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