Drena de niro and rachel roy dating

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Drena de niro and rachel roy dating

All scenes filmed on the subway set featured retired carbon steel R-30 subway cars, painted red. Woman in Restaurant Jennifer Karr Jennifer Karr ... Man in Restaurant Scott Williamson Scott Williamson ... Security Guard / Nazi Perla Walter Perla Walter ... Columbia quietly gave The Big Picture a limited theatrical release (where it opened to mixed reviews) before sending it to video. Craig Kellman as Flintly Mc Callahan and Idea Pants Guy. Fintly Mc Callahan / Idea Pants Guy (voice) Khamani Griffin Khamani Griffin ... Maisie, loving yet quietly precocious and observant, begins to understand how essentially selfish, irresponsible and damaged her parents are, as each of their new relationships quickly disintegrates, and Maisie plays a critical role in constructing a whole new family out of her two step-parents. General Admission Harrison Young Harrison Young ... 2 of 3 found this interesting | Share this The Wall Street station scenes were filmed at the Union Square station on the IRT Lexington Ave. The 33rd Street station is the real one, on the same line. Release: Greenlit by David Puttnam of Columbia Pictures, the president was ousted two weeks after production began, and the subsequent regime at the studio, according to Guest, were unable to figure out what could be done with the film. Kris Pearn as Shrimpanzees,[10] Sentinel Peter, and Labcoat Jenny. Sentinel Peter / Labcoat Jenny (voice) Craig Kellman Craig Kellman ... They each attempt to start life afresh and use new partners, Lincoln and Margo, as a means of competing irresponsibly for custody of Maisie. Boy Outside Jewelry Shop Paul Sincoff Paul Sincoff ... 1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this Director Cameo - Des Mc Anuff: The first person to turn off their TV after Bullwinkle's speech. Narrator: "And so RBTV changed its name from Really Bad Television to Rocky and Bullwinkle Television." Bullwinkle: "What's the difference? Narrator: "At that moment, Karen and Rocky's only hope in the whole WORLD, was Bullwinkle J. In other words, they didn't have a prayer." Money Train. 2 of 2 found this interesting | Share this In the opening scene where Wesley Snipes hits one of the Money Train cops, there is a Die Hard 2 poster on the wall. Piano Player Nadine Lenore Patterson Nadine Lenore Patterson ... Trivia: It is a Canadian drama film directed by Gary Yates. Locations: Most of the film was filmed in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba. Additional scenes were filmed in Lockport and Selkirk. | Share this Many of the costumes were constructed from second hand clothing items purchased at local thrift stores. | Share this The interior motel scenes were filmed at the Dutch Connection Inn in Steinbach, Manitoba. Directed by Kevin Fair; Writing Credits: Talia Green and Nina Weinman. Literally nothing happens, wow she has an awful lot of luck and barely anything bad happens. Pizza Delivery Boy Evangelo Bousis Evangelo Bousis ... Maisie's Classmate (uncredited) Kevin Cannon Kevin Cannon ... Hook and Line Performed by Julianne Moore and The Kills Written by The Kills Published by Domino Publishing Co. The Kills appear courtesy of Domino Recording Co Ltd. Arnold Rothstein Scott Rabinowitz Scott Rabinowitz ... American Lawyer Illeana Douglas Illeana Douglas ... Male Miami Reporter #3 Michael Barrett Caron Michael Barrett Caron ... 1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this Joe Pesci and Cher turned down the roles of Boris and Natasha. " Bullwinkle: "Yes, but I think we're on the wrong show." [looking at Karen] Bullwinkle: "Look how well they drew that girl." 3. It currently is stored at the Coney Island Yard in Brooklyn as part of the museum car fleet and was briefly on display at the New York City Transit Museum. Claude Stephen Eric Mc Intyre Stephen Eric Mc Intyre ... Talk Show Guest #1 Sara Mc Crindle Sara Mc Crindle ... The characters include a knockout waitress (Caroline Dhavernas) being recruited to star in low budget porn videos, a young couple with a criminal past struggling to recover their child from social services, and a middle class husband and wife in a marriage that is disintegrating in near-record time all led by a drunken motel caretaker (Craig Ferguson). " [goes for Slate] Dante Slate, Jr.: "Wait, WAIT, WAIT! " [a fight starts] Dante Slate, Jr.: "This is not the behavior of old men! Dante Slate, Jr.: [to Razor] "What's the matter, did you wake up on the wrong side of the tenement this morning? 2014 (Canadian/TV Movie/Hallmark Channel), Starring Jessica Szohr as Mira, Ben Hollingsworth as Jonah, Ryan Kennedy as Liam, Peter Benson as Michael, Tara Wilson as Susan, Vincent Tong as Jerry, Deidre Hall as Erin, Matthew Kevin Anderson as Colin Carver, Julia Benson as Sophie, Cindy Busby as Brooke, Ian Carter as Chairman of the Board, Goldie Hoffman as Hostess, Raj Lal as Office Assistant, Lindsay Maxwell as Kelsea, Cynthia Mendez as Alexandra and Marco Soriano as Fancy Waiter. Trivia: Also Known As (AKA) (working title) Nobody's Fool. Martin's Mother Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Domenic Ambroselli Domenic Ambroselli ... Bugsy Siegel Ages 17-26 Stanley De Santis Stanley De Santis ... Male Miami Reporter #2 Larkin Campbell Larkin Campbell ... At the end of the film it stated that Lansky was born in 1903.

4 of 4 found this interesting | Share this The businesses lining the highways have some rather unusual names. Dooley Christopher Anthony Young Christopher Anthony Young ... These four cars were 8463, 8510, 8558, and 8569.[2] The actual money train resembled a normal maintenance train painted yellow with black diagonal stripes. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA (studio). Stallone played in Rocky (1976) and De Niro in Raging Bull (1980). Hannah Slate Christina Broccolini Christina Broccolini ... A nod to another comedy duo, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. Brown's Enforcer (as Johnny C.) Enrico Colantoni Enrico Colantoni ... Other cars were used as props in the movie.[2] Four additional R30s were used for filming on New York City Subway property. Young Sally (as Ireland Basinger Baldwin) Anthony Bean Anthony Bean ... 23 of 27 found this interesting | Share this This film features Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro who have both previously played boxers. 4 of 4 found this interesting | Share this Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, a comedy duo of the mid '90s, play Lewis and Martin respectively. Brown's Enforcer John Cenatiempo John Cenatiempo ... After production, the car was donated to the New York Transit Museum, and is currently stored at the Coney Island Complex, as of February 2010. Boxing Announcer Ireland Baldwin Ireland Baldwin ... 9 of 9 found this interesting | Share this This is Ireland Baldwin's feature film debut. President Signoff David Alan Grier David Alan Grier ... 1 of 1 found this interesting | Share this 12 New York subway cars were shipped over to Los Angeles to the film set. 2 of 2 found this interesting | Share this Teri Hatcher's first movie. It's called 'Coffins from Hell.'" Nick Chapman: "What is it about? Nick Chapman: "I want you to be my friend again." Emmet Sumner: "Nick, I was always your friend." Nick Chapman: "No, I know. Additional Voices (voice) Eddie Frierson Eddie Frierson ... 2nd Passport Control officer Peter Cary Peter Cary ... NPR wrote, "It is rare to see an excellent movie about a child made for adults. Meyer Lansky Ages 12-14 Benjamin Kimball Smith Benjamin Kimball Smith ... At the premiere, Blake said Peters told him he wrestled with Blake to see if Blake would lose his temper. The story is related in the book "I Killed Charles Bronson's Cat", written by the movies location manager Barry Gremillion. Additional Voices (voice) David Cowgill David Cowgill ... 1st Passport Control officer James Aubrey James Aubrey ... Counselor Jessica Miano Kruel Jessica Miano Kruel ... Reception: When it premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, the film received strong reviews. Jewelry Shopkeeper (as Moscu Alcalay) Fima Noveck Fima Noveck ... Jake Lansky Ages 9-11 (as Christopher Marquette) Ryan Merriman Ryan Merriman ...

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RBTV Studio Technician Drena De Niro Drena De Niro ... 2 of 2 found this interesting | Share this While there are scenes that show R30 class subway trains running on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line, this would be physically impossible in reality. Prosecutor - Trial of Janet Kingsley (uncredited) Martin Short Martin Short ... Movie Central, September 2, 2014, Edmonton, Alberta. Soundtrack: "The Whites of Their Eyes" - Written by Christopher Guest and Michael Mc Kean, Performed by PEZ® People Sung by Michael Mc Kean You're Driving Me Crazy Written by David Nichtern and Gregory Prestopino (as Greg Prestopino) Performed by Gregory Prestopino (as Greg Prestopino) Angel Written by Eric Kaz Performed by Bonnie Raitt Courtesy of Warner Bros. By Arrangement with Warner Special Products The Christmas Song Written by Mel Tormé (as Mel Torme) and Robert Wells (as Bob Wells) Performed by Dick Haymes Courtesy of MCA Records Blame It on the Bossa Nova Written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil Performed by Eydie Gormé (as Eydie Gorme) Courtesy of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme Midnight at the Oasis Written by David Nichtern "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" (uncredited) - Written and Performed by George Michael (1984); "Ballade N°1 en sol mineur opus 23" (uncredited) - Composed by Frédéric Chopin (1831-1835). Pool Player / Talk Show Guest #4 Curtis Moore Curtis Moore ... Receptionist David Stuart Evans David Stuart Evans ... Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada (Restaurant Interiors); Is this interesting? The real motel has since closed and the building converted to a strip mall. 2009 (Canadian), Starring Adam Scott as Michael Joel Bissonnette as Tobey Richard Medina as Man with Knife Mickey Cottrell as Suspicious Man Vitta Quinn as Carla Dimitri Coats as Goofus Victor Martinez as Alberto Roberto Enrique as Manuel Penelope Allen as Henrietta Kimberly Huie as Laurie Greg Dulli as Porn Director Gale Harold as Karl Maja Miletich as Karen Rachael Santhon as Anna Adam Balsam as Porn PA Travis Walck as Gas Station Attendant Sean Parker as Dog Robin Tunney as Theresa Adam Scott ... The guy who romances her only to be seen as not as perfect as she thought. Brent Mc Hale (voice) Benjamin Bratt Benjamin Bratt ... Byron (uncredited) Mario Moise Fontaine Mario Moise Fontaine ... Soundtrack: "Rock-a-Bye Baby" - Performed by Julianne Moore, Night Train Performed by Julianne Moore and The Kills Written by The Kills Published by Domino Publishing Co. Storyline: Susanna is a pushy but seductive rock and roll icon who lives with Beale, a charming, distracted art dealer.

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