Elizabethan dating

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Elizabethan dating

With a large number of individual pieces produced, Elizabethan used numbers as well as names to account for their styles. There is not a whole lot of information out there on Elizabethans decorator's, but that is what this number stands for.

Your tea cup with pattern number 5800L would have a current retail market value of between 23-28 dollars in excellent condition.

Could you please tell me what these markings mean, what is the makers mark, which I assume is the "E" encircled in the leaves. Your bone china tea cup would have been produced in Longton, Stoke On Trent, England circa 1970's by the Elizabethan Fine Bone China Company.

Elizabethan was known for it's heavily decorated porcelain and fine bone china.

The markings on the bottom of your tea cup are actually the pattern number.

As the cost of building the different workhouses was great, outdoor relief continued to be the main form of relief in this period.

Relief for those too ill or old to work, the so-called "impotent poor", was in the form of a payment or items of food ("the parish loaf") or clothing also known as outdoor relief.

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