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If they like you, you instantly become their priority and you will spend a lot of time together.INFPs have difficulty in articulating their feelings and may forget to tell their partners how much they love them.MORE: ENFJ Relationships and Compatibility With ALL Personality Types INFP Relationships and Compatibility With All Types We wrote a lot about the INFP personality type — you can find a detailed profile here (includes dating and relationships) and here (tips on how to make your INFP happy).To make an INFP fall in love with you, you need to be genuine.

Here are 36 more ways to make your INFP feel loved.

Professor Plum requests that all the ESFJs, ISFPs, ESTJs or ISTPs or caregiver types remain in the hallway since they have the hottest entanglements with the infantile/childish lovers or INTJs, ENTPs, INFJs and ENFPs. Everyone wears a name tag with their MBTI four letter code that stands for introverted/extroverted; sensing or intuition; feeling or thinking and judging or perceiving.

Professor Plum points out the four letter code is only relevant in determining the cognitive functions.

Being extremely sensitive to rejection, they will only make their move if they see that the person is mutually interested.

The INFP has high standards when it comes to potential mates, and it may take a long while until they meet that special person.

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To feel loved, ENFJs need verbal displays of affection, a lot of attention and a lot of time together.