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Engineering feat dating from 1959

Employees at the Caterpillar Research and Development Center in Wuxi spent 30 minutes arranging themselves to spell out “Cat” “90” and “CRDC.” With pride and cheers, employees raised their hands and waved them high into the sky as a photographer captured the scene. The Cat® 992D Wheel Loader was the first rubber-tired loader to be introduced without a steering wheel. 1925 - Even back in 1925 our marketing folks were coming up with clever ways to bring Caterpillar top-of-mind.

The joystick controls both steering and gear shifting. This Caterpillar Thirty sandpaper says, "Smooth Your Roads with Caterpillar Tractors." See Full Sized Image c.

Thousands of people visited the exhibition each year. 1880 - The innovations and inventions in these patent ledgers date back to the days of Holt and Best.

Many of these innovations led to the company’s success through difficult times such as the Great Depression.

The Southern Cross then took off on the first trans-Pacific flight from the U. He rode on new inventions of his times, such as the automobile, airplane and even the Zeppelin. In many ways he was really no different than all of us. 1930 - We’ve always been eager to show off our yellow iron to dealers, customers and community members.

This postcard depicts the Caterpillar Showroom in the street-front portion of Building HH in East Peoria.

Below is a complete compilation of past artifacts, images, stories and videos.

1938 – During the height of the Great Depression Caterpillar continued developing cutting - edge new products.

Each week Corporate Heritage Services opens its historical collection to share stories of its people and chronicle over 90 years of innovation.What many people don’t know, however, is that Cat Generator Sets also have a long history providing dependable power at sporting events. Caterpillar machines successfully supported the Allied Powers during World War I.View this rare, silent film that shows Murray Baker of the Holt Manufacturing Company, U. General John Pershing, and others inspecting tractors in East Peoria. 111 is an amazing steam-powered, full size replica of the first Caterpillar track-type tractor ever sold.This pin commemorates one employee's 25th year of membership in the Mixed Chorus Club.See Full Size Image 2015 - Caterpillar employees in China celebrated our anniversary in a big way.

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Here the band poses at a train station on their way to the World's Fair (Panama-Pacific Exhibition) in San Francisco.