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In most ways, it might just be another unremarkable, slightly larger-than-usual home camera.But Ring also has Neighbors, which is a social media feed that you can access within the Ring app.Ironically, Ring has recently drawn some criticism for lax security practices.have both reported that Ring has given engineers unfettered access to customer’s videofeeds. It also notes that the videofeed has been encrypted on the device, as well as when it is being transferred between the device, the Ring app, and the cloud servers.With Ring Protect Plus, Ring will monitor the feed 24 hours a day and alert authorities if they detect a threat.At per month, plus the cost of the camera, Ring monitoring seems like an affordable alternative to installing a complete security system. One day, we will all look back at a time when we carried rolled-up burritos stuffed full of charging cables as a low point in both technological and human development. I've spent more than a few hours puzzling over hardware store inventories and trying to drill holes into my walls, fiddle with breakers, or reroute wiring through the ceiling. The Stick Up Cam does also come in a wired version as well as a solar-powered version (the battery-powered one is compatible with the solar panel).

You can customize your preferences to get different kinds of alerts.

You can also snooze the motion alerts for a period of time if, hypothetically, you are trying to trigger a fall alert on a fitness watch by tumbling up and down your driveway.

There’s also a microphone which came in handy when asking Instacart shoppers to please leave the bags at the door.

You can spot them at street corners and hanging from metallic arms on almost every building these days.

Webcams are robotic eyes capturing our lives in frames. Remote webcams peeping into your lives may make you go all choleric, but when they point at some fascinating places around the world, they can make you gawk.

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And after 20 days, the battery meter is still over half full. The camera comes with a free 30-day subscription to the basic Ring Protect Plan, which costs $3 per month after that.