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Free senior adult chat uk

Children under 5 do not pay to travel on our services. If you are buying your ticket on the bus it is helpful to have the right money.

You know where you are with an adult cat - what you see is what you get!Rescue centres are first and foremost concerned with the health and wellbeing of the animal.Rehoming organisations are very careful about placing each animal in the right home, and will offer advice and support where necessary even after adoption.If the area for luggage is full then you would have to wait for the next service in order to travel.Our 'Adopt an Older Cat' campaign aims to raise awareness of the thousands of adult and senior cats in rescue shelters across the UK.

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Online tickets or mobile tickets can be purchased for the majority of our services. If you are travelling before you are able to contact them you will need to pay the driver as you board and claim a refund afterwards. On the coach services all luggage is stored in the hold of the vehicle and as long as the driver is able to load the item then we can carry it.