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If done right, you’ll get to enjoy a whole different ballgame.

A tighter and other worldly version of missionary sex.

That’s why gay porn is a cornucopia full of ass fucking.

If EITHER of you should press the infamous "next" button, the chat session will end, and another random connection with another completely different random stranger will ensue.

So, what this means for you is if you are particularly uninteresting or uninviting on the eyes, you may get "next"-ed over and over, such that you may find the service to be somewhat depressing.

DO NOT FRET, eventually you should find someone willing to give you the time of day!

Women who use their back holes are either hardcore professionals that do it for a living, amateur housewives or girlfriends that want to experience something different, or prudes that want to preserve their virginity on the outside but actually want to fuck like rabbits and be sluts on the inside.

As mentioned, nothing shameful about being a slut or a prude. In porn videos, Black and Latina women are often popular when it comes to deep butt banging. Caucasian women also do get their fair share of action especially with pawgs or BBWs.

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If you don't, you might want to consider doing a little personal improvement.