Grasshopper and dating someone

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Grasshopper and dating someone

Copy frequently used Design Variables to the locations on the canvas where they will be used again and connect them with Hidden wires.

This way your files will not turn into a spaghetti-like mess. It allows you to save the current combination of parameters so you can restore previous settings and alternate between different setups with out having to remember specifics.

Organize inputs and outputs for each process and do the same before connecting them to the next process (see image on the right).

Collect all Design and Referenced Geometry in one place, typically in the top left hand corner to allow a user to only have to focus on one part of the canvas when making changes.

If somebody on the forum fixed a part of your definition, you need to identify the portion of the definition which the person altered, credit the author and list the date when this occured.Inputs and Outputs In a parametric definition, input consists of a series of geometries and parameters located on the left, which enter a process consisting of a set of operations which generates output data or geometry, located on the right.Outputs of one process might then become new inputs for the following process.Be Systematic/Methodical The Grasshopper file should be structured according to a systematic procedure.Think of your whole process as a method to produce something of certain quality levels.

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This is very useful when showing various design alternatives.

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