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Itemupdating event receiver

Based on the latest recommendations from Microsoft, User Interface Share Point 2013 & Share Point Online should be customized using Client Side Frameworks and not using Traditional Master Page Customization based on Branding Solutions.

Notice we have default Site Icon and Title which was provided at the time of site creation Now on App Page click on Inject Java Script to Host Web button to push custom Java Script into the Host Web On clicking the button we can see the success message in the Result Panel confirming that the Java Script has been applied to the Host Web If we revisit the Host Web we can see the Site Icon and Title has been changed as per the code we had added to the custom Java Script File that we have injected into Host Web And since this change takes place at the Master Page Level, we can see the effect of the change all across the site on every screen as shown below: Now in order to unplug the Java Script based customizations out of the Host Web we can click on Remove Java Script to Host Web Once the Remove operation has been completed successfully we can see the result panel confirming the success of the operation.In this case it is required to provide a User Interface or any other mean to execute the code for removal of injected Javascript followed by User Training for the Administrators to run the code first before uninstalling the App.If code is injected using Provider Hosted App, then it is possible to get it removed automatically by handling App Uninstalling Event using Remote Event Receivers.This sounds similar to the implementation of the Delegate Controls in an on premise Share Point Installation but in this case we push the scripts from outside of the Share Point Environment.Using Client Side Frameworks such as JQuery along with this technique we can perform DOM Manipulation (adding, removing, modifying HTML Elements) as and when needed in whichever ways.

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