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Jd dating

A classified incident caused JD and Del to go AWOL and seek refuge among the Outsiders, where he later on befriended Outsider Kait Diaz. Anya, who was previously infertile and unable to carry, was able to conceive James due to the birthing program created by Minister Mina Jinn.James was born on the Stroud Estate during the era of peace, far from the walled confines of sanctioned COG territory, and was partially named after Marcus Fenix's childhood friend, Corporal Dominic Santiago, who sacrificed his life in 17 A. during the Lambent Pandemic and Locust War to save his mother and father in battle.

After fighting their way back with the Fabricator, they prepared for another battle at home in Fort Umson.

Marcus had seen JD only once in the three years afterwards and Marcus warned James that since he was now in the COG, he had to remain there forever, because abandoning them and going "Outsider" would mean being hunted down by the COG. With no Locust or Lambent to fight, however, JD and Del were engaged in combat with the Outsiders.

The Outsiders were formed by Stranded groups who rejected the COG due to the Hammer of Dawn Strikes that killed the majority of the planet after Emergence Day. E., when the COG was reforming and rebuilding civilization, enforcing their jurisdiction and power on all surviving humans of the war, as well as implementing reproductive progress to rebuild humanity.

From a young age, JD was surrounded by stories of his parents, who helped bring about the end of the war.

While growing up on the Stroud Estate, his family lived off the land and at peace.

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