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Lebanon dating beirut romance

Director: Vittorio Sala A portrait of workers in exile.

An empathetic encounter with people who have lost their past and their future, locked in the recurring present. See full summary » Director: Ziad Kalthoum Charles Lushington, an English professor of Middle-Eastern affairs visits Beiruit and becomes involved with Leila, a young Lebanese woman.

See full summary » Directors: Fernando Cerchio, Nando Cicero The film follows a backpack on a journey around the world, intersecting the lives of dozens of fascinating characters along the way.

Written and directed by 25 different directors on 5 ... Köhler Sex and Beirut was produced as part of the international conference "Youth, Sexuality and Self-Determination in the Arab World" which was held at the American University in Beirut in April ...

The show follows creator, former UN Advisor and Alvin Ailey trained dancer Vandana Hart across the world to explore how...

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See full summary » Director: Vatche Boulghourjian Peter Martell stars as a disgraced treasury agent Mike Rand, who teams with his boss to halt a Red Chinese plot to destroy the free world by flooding the market opium and turning everyone into addicts.

Director: Mario Sequi We Speak Dance is a global series on dance cultures around the world.

See full summary » Directors: Xavier Agudo, Ian Bonner, Michael Canzoniero, Francois Coetzee, Mairtín de Barra, Todd Felderstein, Nicolas Fogliarini, Yango Gonzalez, Nino Leitner, Craig Lines, Vishesh Mankal, Varun Mathur, Steve Murphy, Asmit Pathare, Neha Raheja Thakker, Adam Ruszkowski, Alexander Schönauer, Sabine Sebaaly, Prashant Sehgal, Fahad Shaikh, Marty Shea, Brian Shephard, Nicole Sylvester, Arne V. See full summary » Director: Fareed Majari By Antoine's 90th birthday, life hangs on a feeble string of his declining health as he anticipates the visit from his daughter, while his wife for 65 years, Viviane, suffering from the ...

Nostitz-Rieneck, John Versical, Rafael Yoshida, Reenita Malhotra, Giacomo Mantovani Something bad is being planned in Beirut, and it has something to do with a man called The Sheikh, who has only four fingers. See full summary » Director: Cyril Aris A leading American spy has a miniature camera surgically implanted in his eye, unbeknownst to him, and with it photographs secrets for the Russians, helping them gather information about a newly created death ray.

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When he discovers that his bestfriend and cohost Jad bou Karam backstabbed him ...

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