Message to send on online dating websites

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Meet Mindful recommends online daters stick to the three-sentence rule.

You introduce yourself, say something witty, ask a question, and get out of there.

Also, while we’re on the subject, never copy and paste your first message.

People can tell, and they won’t appreciate your generic approach to online dating.

This may sound harsh, but how can you expect another person to like you if you don’t like yourself?

Here’s an example of a bad first message: “Hey, I never get any responses on here, but I thought I would try again anyway.” The point of online dating is to get people to like you, not feel sorry for you, so skip the pity parties.

They exaggerate their importance or fudge the facts to make themselves look good, and they fool people into thinking they’re someone they’re not.

We want to help singles up their averages by teaching them a few sure-fire ways to compose an attractive first message.” Whatever you say, you should definitely talk more about the other person rather than yourself in that first message. When you meet someone in person, feel free to be complimentary.According to a study of over 167,000 first contact messages, the messages that receive the most responses have a more frequent use of the word “you” and a sporadic use of the word “I.” While giving compliments is usually a great move for a dater, it can come off as a little creepy when coming from a stranger online. According to’s 2017 survey of American singles, 94% of women like receiving compliments on their appearances on a first date.Even if you do get a response, it’ll probably be an equally dull “Hi” or “What’s up? According to data collected by Ok Cupid, saying “Hi” or “Hello” is among the worst ways to start a first message.Online daters who didn’t use salutations received an above-average reply rate of 27%.

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A sad truth about online dating is most first messages are destined to never receive replies.

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