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Meet new people online and experience a new way of online dating.

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He added that although the program currently pulls users’ photos from their Facebook profiles, they are working on allowing users to upload their own pictures.

Brereton said he founded Bruin Connections, which used a Google Form to match couples together, in February.

“Even though our focus is on dating, it really is about meeting people outside of your usual groups,” Brereton said.

Jeffrey Chan, a back-end developer for Bruin Meet, said the website’s algorithm sorts through users’ preferences and profile responses.

“It’s a great way to find someone and it doesn’t require too much effort,” he said.

“I just have an account and get an email when I match with someone.” Fann said the team hopes to increase the site’s number of users through a speed dating event on Valentine’s Day.

He added that working on the program has been exciting for him because it lets him use his programming skills in a leadership role.With loads of published blog posts from dating experts all over the world, We Love Dates has everything you need to know about online dating.Head over to our award winning Dating Blog and discover the many, many posts that will help you find the right dating site and ultimately The (Right) One.“Our mission is to make dating as fun and easy as possible,” Brereton, a Daily Bruin staffer, said.“The easiest way to find out if you have a connection is meeting up in person.” Users can customize their preferences from a variety of genders, races and sexualities when setting up their profiles.

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Students looking for a significant other on campus have a new website to help them find one.

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