Northern mn dating

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Northern mn dating

Location: Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin Voltage: 69,000-230,000 Completion: Ongoing New construction and rehabilitation of 8 miles of 115k V transmission line located near park rapids MN.This project presents complexities in difficult wet terrain and ROW constraints. Competition Date: 2012 This project initiative was to provide the Brainerd Lakes with a reliable source of power due to a peak demand and growth of housing in this part of north central Minnesota. Competition Date: 2012 The GD line rehabilititation project consists of replacing all H-structures on ten miles of the GD line and upgrading the OHG to OPGW.This critical line, which feeds into Grand Folks North Dakota, has to be upgraded due to deterioration.All construction must be completed before summer due to load issues on the GD line.Okay Construction will provide all installation services including foundation construction, structure installation, aerial and ground construction and power line stringing.Location: Northern Minnesota Completion Date: 2009 Construction of approximately 15 miles of 115 k V-795 ACSR transmission infrastructure with 7.2k V distribution underbuild.The 20-mile transmission and 14.4k V distribution lines are completed.

This list is an example of a few transmission projects we have completed within the last two years.

This project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Location: Northern Minnesota Completion date: 2010 This project consists of removing 18 miles of an existing 24.5k V transmission line and construction of a new wood/steel pole single circuit 115k V 795 ACSR conductor transmission line.

Okay Construction excels in the processes required for major transmission line construction and substation installations, and has demonstrated that ability with successful projects completed throughout the Midwest.

Okay Construction considers its core business building overheard distribution, transmission and substations the backbone of what our firm was founded on since 1951.

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