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the category of individuals that they’re trying to expand to includes a variety of different disabilities.That’s going to be one of their challenges, to clearly identify what they want.” Under the Missouri law, insurers may still impose caps on the number of annual visits for speech, physical and occupational therapies, but the caps must be lifted when determined to be medically necessary by the health plan.“Anyone in the disability world understands how important therapy is for development,” Schelp said.

A corporation may also increase the number of directors on its board to comply.

Instead of creating an entirely new section of statute, the Missouri autism mandate law was amended to include developmental disabilities.

As a result, Wasmer said the insurance lobby was able to insert language that would have undermined existing coverage for autism.

New Jersey and Maryland do, and Florida amended its autism mandate to include Down syndrome.

Disability advocates say they expect grassroots efforts like Missouri’s to spread.

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