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This means that you are not rebounding in reaction to your last break up or looking for a warm place to rest your head as a distraction to heartbreak.

Rather, you are ready to start dating when you have dealt with your past hurts in a healthy way and are emotionally rebalanced and ready to start a fresh new relationship.

The Pew Research Center found that the number of 55-64 year olds using a dating site or mobile app has more than doubled since 2013, and continues to grow.

Internet dating is an ever-expanding social phenomenon that isn’t restricted to one demographic but rather is a diverse virtual platform which brings together like-minded individuals with similar preferences and goals.

And with internet dating, you also meet in a social network, only a virtual one created with a group of individuals who share a similar objective – to meet a suitable single match.

Traditionally, someone close to you may set you up with a desired partner; today, our advanced technology computer algorithms can match you with a compatible profile in a similar way.

At its most basic, internet dating is using an online dating website to meet new people.

Timely timing Everyone’s timing is different, and the truth is you can’t put a timeline on love.In three straightforward steps, you can make a smooth transition from single to ready to mingle. Select the right platform for your purposes With a proliferation of dating websites and apps available, you should select a dating platform that fits your intents and purposes. Are you looking for a casual or committed relationship, do you want a matchmaking service or to go solo? Consider the dating pool that you are joining and whether their intentions line up with your own or not. Select an appropriate photo and set up your profile Today your online dating profile overlaps the role of your first impression. When you set up your profile invest time in it and don’t just rush. Choose photos that feature you alone in a natural and well-lit setting. Ready, set, go – you are now ready to take that step forward and meet your match.

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Also consider your well-being, is this a positive time for you to embark on a new relationship?